About Strong Hearts

Strong Hearts/Corazones Fuertes/Corações Fortes is a Massachusetts-based screening and treatment initiative for Chagas disease.


The goals of the project include:

  • increasing awareness of Chagas disease among health care providers serving at-risk communities

  • educating affected communities about Chagas disease and their options to pursue screening and follow-up

  • establishing appropriate screening and treatment for Chagas Disease in Massachusetts

  • gathering data on the epidemiology of Chagas disease in Massachusetts to guide the development of future policies and protocols. 

The screening and treatment pilot is based at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC), a community clinic that serves a large population from Chagas-endemic regions in continental Latin America. The aim is to expand the project to additional clinical sites once it has been successfully implemented as a pilot.

  • Educating affected communities to get screened for Chagas

  • Educating health care providers who take care of at-risk communities about Chagas 

Community Partnerships
  • Working with EBNHC and local community organizations to raise awareness for, screen, and treat Chagas disease

  • Establishing Chagas Disease screening and treatment options in Massachusetts